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year 1 of university done

Posted on 11 February, 2019 at 4:50 Comments comments ()

Phew a lot happened in 2018!

The first year of my arts psychotherapy degree is under my belt and the results were really good. Thankfully my hard work paid off.

Since I lodged the last essay on december 3, I have been working on a number of projects at Canefields Clubhouse and Tammy's art studio.

 the Executive Director of Canefields Clubhouse asked me if the art group (we have plans to rebrand this year) would do a mural for the bland wall space where the cafe is. It was to be like looking out of cafe windows at things that one might see in some places in Australia. 

My creative mojo kicked in and I thought of the rainforest, the desert and the ocean as three outstanding examples of Australian environments with their amazing wildlife. When I present this idea to Jak he was sceptical but i persisted. The members helped collaborate on what styles of environments we would paint and chose the feature animals, birds and fish that would populate the mural. 

The panels measured approximately 1m wide and 3m high each and there were 3 of them to paint. 

This was going to be no easy task. 

I have to be honest here. At the end of the first week Jak was wondering what I was getting everyone into!

Each week we progressed a little further a little further.I spent most of my days painting animals and teaching members different techniques in painting rocks, helping them block in fish and animals with gesso before the colour was applied. i was very proud of Bryan, one of the members who persisted through a day of pain to produce this really cute sea lion. 

Until finally on the 1st of Feb 2019 we were finished. The last animal to go on the wall was the rainbow lorikeets which I had kept until last as they bring me so much joy. 

sorry about the sizing differences sometimes my resizing leaves a little to be desired but they are all the same size in real life. 

Mashitup Journey video on my youtube channel

Posted on 19 January, 2018 at 0:45 Comments comments ()

Hi Everyone 

This platform is a little different from wordpress and is not quite as user friendly but I'm going to start blogging here a little more often!

Now that Christmas 2017 and a large chunk of my January work is done I have a few days to create for me and design some pages for upcoming classes that I teach at Tammy's Art Studio - (click the link to check out the teaching schedule. 

I also teach at Logan Women's Health and Wellbeing Centre in Beenleigh -" target="_blank">http:// where I hold a monthly art journal club and also run expressive art therapy workshops through the Logan City Council's Krank and Live Well Logan programs for teen girls and women.

This is on top of my regular weekly art lessons at Canefields Clubhouse and private workshops that I hold in my home teaching studio

I do group workshops of up to 8 people and private art lessons if you want. I advertise any workshops coming up in my store page so you can purchase the lessons before hand as I require prepayment prior to the event. There are no refunds for those that do not turn up to an event.

Anyways, I have been doing some very pretty art journal pages lately using some Stampotique stamps that I scan and blow up to the sizes i need for the page. Here's a few of my works lately:

And finally here is the page that I show you how to do on my youtube channel here: 

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It's starting to feel a lot like Christmas

Posted on 13 December, 2016 at 23:20 Comments comments ()

Ahh it's that time of year again when life gets so hectic and everyone feels the need to gather in large groups to celebrate another year!

While I love this a lot, this year is tinged with a little sadness. My eldest son has just moved out of home with his girlfriend 2 whole states away and I find myself walking around the house seeing bits and pieces of what's left of his growing up here and tears form. I kind of think it's not bad to have it happen at this time of year to some extent though as I'm just so busy with everything that I don't have much time to think!

I've been doing baking......Great Granny's (I miss her so) christmas cake, 


and singing christmas carols at our carpark christmas carols concert,

And there are more parties and events going on right up until christmas!

Here are some thoughts on Christmas that I recently posted on a group chat where we were discussing what makes Christmas for us now.

this time of year tends to be so busy for me with all the christmas functions, parties, concerts and christmas carols. I love it and also get exhausted by it all. I love to take time to remember that we do this for 2 reasons: 1. it's the end of the year and we'd do it whether christmas was on or not to celebrate a year of work and effort. 2. to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Saviour and joyfully express that feeling of elation that we are His! and He is Ours! as i get older i get more mindful that it's not things at christmas (even though my primary love language is gifts lol) but the act of giving to reflect on the enormity of what God gave us. So I am encouraging my family to think on the value of gifts, the non material kind that require a little thought and often create more joy. Like a chicken rub recipe, or me making my mum Great Granny's christmas cake recipe because she's loved it for 66 years! I'm offering my niece a day workshop with me in my studio and giving her a cheap canvas so that we can workshop what she wants to do with it and has my attention the whole day! these are things that bless people with our thoughtfulness and time rather than lots of money (although granny's cake is a bit expensive hehehe all that alcohol for the soaking fruit) but then my neighbour has a still and furnishes us with the finest blue whiskey i've ever drunk in my life and we make him a video every year of his christmas trains and towns he loves to set up. things like this build relationships and love better than things do."

whatever your position is this Christmas I wish you a happy and safe Christmas and all wonderful sorts of things for 2017!

Conservation practices when creating art

Posted on 26 October, 2016 at 1:15 Comments comments ()

Today I want to talk about a few different considerations that artists have if they want to sell their art and have it last. 

Lately I have been talking to Erin from Artis Pura about stretched canvases that we buy from art supply stores and where they are mass produced, the materials that go into the frame, it's construction and the grade of canvas. 

I had a look at Erin's wall of shame where there were frames that were less than 6 months old that were warped and unable to be restrectched. There were acid spots that went through paper, matt board and foam core backing that were only a few years old. So many examples of shoddy manufacturing and framing practices that it made my toes curl. 

So here's some tips for those of you that:


  1. want to sell your work and have it last
  2. are having your works framed to last or to sell
  3. are painting on stretched canvas and/or canvas board/wood

want to sell your work and have it last longer than 5 years?


  1. make sure you use artist quality materials
  2. lightfast paints, pencils, pastels, inks, watercolours
  3. non corrosive glues and adhesives
  4. a good quality substrate, 100% cotton rag paper, quality canvas, boards that are structurally sound. It's a bad idea to paint on cardboard, recycled items that are designed to break down quickly. 
  5. frame your works in cotton rag matt board so that the lignen and acid do not affect your paintings
  6. varnish your finished works that are not framed behind glass. But, make sure you don't do this until the paint has fully cured. Paint drying times can vary wildly depening on the mediums used, the atmoshperic conditions and the substrate used. For a good article on acrylic paint drying times click here.
  7. Use good quality mediums that don't yellow over time, for notes on mediums in the golden range click here.
  8. Be aware that what could be an expensive pre stretched canvas, will potentially warp over time so adding strainers or stretcher bars and bracings to the back of the canvas can be expensive. Sometimes it's better to think about possible changing your substrate to something more durable that is dearer in the short term but cheaper in the long term. This could mean getting your canvas in roles and having it stretched properly before hand. Dearer yes but better long term if your framer is good in this area as mine is. 
This is the end of the first installment of this series, next time I will be talking about products that I use and don't use for the longevity of my work. 


Scrappin' with Style @ TJ's

Posted on 21 October, 2016 at 9:45 Comments comments ()

It was such a pleasure tonight to be teaching a wonderful group of ladies at Scrappin with Style @ TJ's at Mayes Avenue, Logan. 

Tonight we focussed on how to journal emotions. To weave into our art things that we don't feel we can say out loud. To express things through art that we can't express in words. 

So as homework before class everyone came with something they wanted to explore and work through. This is a little bit of art therapy in there. We decided to create something a bit special and in some cases, representative of what was underneath in words. 

Symbolism can play a big part of these kinds of pages and although we were working through some stuff that we didn't want to talk about and it affected us, we worked through different creative ways to express this on our page. 

Each month I run a mixed media art journalling class at TJ's and we have a ball. At $35 it's worth it to learn new techniques and styles each workshop and to produce something that a lot of my students didn't think they were capable of when they began. 

Each month we are exploring new things and learning together. 

Next month we are going to be starting on a journey to lead on with drawing faces. but before we do that we are going to learn how to do paint over collage. This is not quite as simple as it sounds but it is easier than you think!

Here's a teaser of the sort of pages we could be creating next month.

Cheers. I hope to see you at TJ's next month on 25th November @ 5.30pm

My latest YouTube videos

Posted on 17 October, 2016 at 1:25 Comments comments ()

Today I released two video's on my Youtube channel: Missladypetal Creations


The first is my latest vlog which you can find here:

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I'm chatting about what my life has been like in the last couple of months. Phew glad it's all over at the moment really but some exciting possibilities coming up.


And secondly and what has taken me most of the day to finish is my latest process video:

You need Adobe Flash Player to view this content.


I had a lot of fun with this one and got to play around with some more brave girl headwear. What you can't see here is the beautiful shimmering wink of stella pen I used randomly in her hair and for her crown. I'm just loving her innocent face and the cornelli work dress i designed for her.

My interview with Fringe Art & Culture

Posted on 17 October, 2016 at 1:15 Comments comments ()

Last week I recorded an interview with Grant and Ali from Fringe Art & Culture.


We discussed my community engagement piece, 'Eyes in a Blanket' and also some feedback from my first art exhitibiton 'Environmental Elements'.


Part 1 finishes on some of my art therapy workshops that I conduct around Logan.


Sit down with a cuppa and listen to some of my thoughts and answers to questions about my art and what i think about art in the community.

Here is the link to part 1 of the interview: Part 1

Here is the link to part 2 of the interview: Part 2

As promised Part 2 is here and features a reading of an excerpt by Alaskan writer Regi McClain, read by Sandy Sharma as well as our continued chat with Peta.

Welcome to my New Website

Posted on 14 October, 2016 at 8:30 Comments comments ()

This is me feeling hopeful in a period of respite between pulling all my hair out and shouting obscenties at my computer screen as yet another function of a website I was hoping would do everything I wanted it to, failed. 

I think I may have aged at least 10 years prematurely trying to find a website provider that allows me to blog, have an online store, online classroom (or something like that), a live events calendar. Is that really too much to ask for?  Apparently it is for Yahoo and Weebly. There's no doubt that they probably can do it, but if their customer service is anything to go by, I could end up looking like this....

or even this..... which is how i feel right now

However, as I was doing up some new business cards this option for website hosting etc came up with Vistaprint. Now I'd never really considered it a serious option before but unlike the other two providers they were prepared to give me the first month free! yes really free! a full featured website on the premium plan for a full month free. Even Weebly, who did give you a free trial website, wanted you to upgrade to a plan if you wanted to trial the shopping cart function. Really?  the whole purpose of trying before you commit is to see how easy it is to build and put together and especially the shopping cart function. That's so you know when you go live it will work and you don't look like the images above trying to get all the products uploaded. 

Here's a bit of a comparison of my experiences and pricing of the last 14 or so days. the US pricing can be tricky as it changes for monthly, 1 yr, 2yr 3yr or 5yr options so i just went kind of monthly to compare apples to apples so to speak. Personally i find the idea of punting on saving money for a 5 yr plan problematic if it turns out to be the wrong one which both my picks were!

So you can see I was blown away in being able to set up a simple yet fully functioning website with the blog, shop, online calendar with linked events and attachments that updates every time I update it in google calendars (i'm in love) all the social media links and buttons and even fully populating my store in each category even for items that are coming soon!

The site builder is really quite easy but takes a little while to get the hang of it really. There arent heaps of templates for the shopping cart websites options and it's a little problematic when changing to a non shopping cart theme. However the template i have i nice and simple which is what i wanted. everything kind of looks clean but i'm working on it, really. For 5 hours of dedicated work and no pulling out of hair or having to ask questions i'm like 


And......there is phone support where you talk to a real person 7 days a week so for us poor plebs that work or study during working hours we can talk to a real human that's not a automated response from the Q & A section of the website. 

I'm impressed!